What is Table Tennis Or Ping Pong? All About It

Table tennis or ping pong is one sport that has been around for more than a hundred years. Though the people who played this game only did it for fun to pass the time indoors or outdoor, this will later become an Olympic sport.


Smaller tournaments are held in other venues that sometimes feature the best players from Europe and Asia. The individual should check the television for the schedule of the tournament or watch it live if ever there is one coming to town.

People who want to play this game for recreation or competitively should follow the rules.

1. Players who in table tennis should first have a racket or paddle. This should be made of wood and coated with rubber.

There are no rules stating how big or small it will be. It should just be colored black on one side and red on the other. The person is not allowed to hit the ball if that side does not have rubber on it.

In major tournaments, the umpire will inspect the racket used by the player before each match. If there are tears or any damage that will not affect the results in the competition, this can be used but the decision may be different when checked by another official.

Players who start the match with the inspected racket are not allowed to change this in between sets. There are exceptions to the rule should it be damaged during the match and the only way for the game to continue will be to use another one which will also be inspection prior to usage.

2. The table tennis table should measure 9 feet in length and 5 feet in width. This is made of timber which has white lines painted on the green surface. Players should follow these markers in serving and receiving. Those who fail will just give the opponent another point in the scoreboard.

3. The net should measure 15. 25 cm. This is usually hooked from one end of the table to the other. The players can check this using a ruler or having the one officiating it check the height before starting a match.

4. People who play the game should keep not move the table, touch the net or put the hands of the table when the ball is in play. This is to ensure the match is played fairly and the victor will be decided on the skill of the player.

5. Scoring in the tournament can be a race to 11 or to 21 points. Again, this will depend on the rules set before the match. Normally, a person will become the winner after winning 2 out of 3 sets.

6. Most matches start with a referee flipping a coin. The one who wins in the coin toss will decide on which end of the table to stay in and who will serve. It is only after the player scores 5 points that the other person can be the one to act as the server.

Table tennis can be played with another person or in pairs. The rules in both are similar except for serving.

Table tennis is one exciting sport to play or watch. Knowing the rules and the other details of the game will keep one abreast with who is winning or losing in the match.

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