Things to Consider When You Are Choosing a Table Tennis Paddle

When it comes to buying something related to table tennis, the choice often gets tough. Though table tennis players do not have to buy a large number of products, when it comes to selecting a table tennis paddle, a few things need to be taken into account.

Buying a table tennis paddle or table from an online store is always a good idea because it is easy to purchase a product online, after making comparison of different websites. You have many options and selection gets easy. In case you need to buy a table tennis paddle, here are a few things which need to be considered.

Choosing a Table Tennis Paddle

Purpose of Use: This should be your first criterion for selection when you are purchasing a product. The nature of use is quite important – will you be using your paddle on a daily basis? Are you purchasing the paddle to play professionally or occasionally? If you need to buy any product for professional use, you need to purchase professional quality products, which might be a bit expensive, but they are suitable for professional games, where there is no compromise on the quality of product.

Rubber – A lot depends on the kind of grip you have of the paddle. As people start playing table tennis, they realise the importance of good grips. Thus, paddles usually have different kinds of grips. Rubber grips are usually most common because your grip of the paddle is totally dependent on how comfortable you are. There are many different kinds of grips available for the paddle. Thus, do not forget to check the grip of the paddle you have.

Source of Purchase – It’s the age of online purchasing. People prefer to purchase online due to the many associated benefits of online purchase. Though there are many stores which deal with top quality paddles, it is often a hassle to purchase from supermarkets or stores. You need to visit such stores, look around for paddles and then make a purchase. Online purchase is a good option when you choose to buy table tennis paddles. Here are some reasons how online paddle purchase is considered to be quite beneficial.

When you are selecting products online, you have the convenience from shopping from your home. You do not have to slice out time from your busy schedule and then visit shopping. You have the opportunity of checking out products from different stores with just the click of a mouse. Thus, you buy only after checking out different products.

Price Comparison is also another advantage of purchasing paddles online. You can check out the prices offered by different stores of the same product. Thus, no one will be able to extract more money from you, because you have the scope of checking out the products.

Online stores which sell products like paddle display customer testimonials and reviews. These are usually provided by people who have purchased these and provided reviews for help of those who intend to purchase the products. Thus, before you choose to buy paddles online, do not forget to check online reviews and testimonials which will help you in selecting good quality products.

Comfort – There are many different kinds of table tennis paddles available. You need to honestly consider the kind of player you are. If you are a new player, you shouldn’t try out paddles which are meant for professionals. Some of these paddles are of high quality and sometimes not suitable for novice players. In such a case, you need to search for paddles; you can enquire for paddles depending on your level of game and skills. If you are comfortable with the paddle, you can think about ways of improving your game. Otherwise, it becomes really difficult to improve and enhance your skills.


If you choose to buy a paddle online, do not forget to know more about the return policy and other factors. In case, you find that the product is not suitable for use and you need to return the product you need to consider the return policy. This will save you from future harassments. Also, you need to know how you should take care of the paddle when you buy them. This will ensure that your paddle is in safe hands and it offers complete value for money.

ORIGAMY: Synthetic Biology Fiction

So I’m a bunch of the way through Rachel Armstrong’s ORIGAMY now, and here’s the thing:

There’s a field of rogue mutant hair transplants, and the hair field is grazed upon by a trip of transgenic goats, and there’s like five pages on the digestive processes of these goats, including shoals of microsquid that live in one of the four stomachs. And it’s brilliant.

If you’re not up for that: the book is about people who use chopsticks to tie knots in spacetime for travel purposes. And art.

Rachel is a synthetic biologist — I met her at a think-tank in Eindhoven a few years ago — and ORIGAMY is what happens when you let a synthetic biologist write a full work of speculative fiction. Possibly this practice will be banned after ORIGAMY is released.

It’s an incredibly dense piece of bizarre fantastika balanced artfully on a very simple structure, a journey of discovery, secrets and ancient threats. Parts feel like they’ve come from fable, or folk tales about strange circus people. In reading it, I’ve gotten through about ten pages at a time before having to stop and stare into space and process everything that’s just been dumped into my head. It’s like she freebased twelve novels into one intense concentrated rock.

ORIGAMY is a magnificent, glittering explosion of a book: a meditation on creation, the poetry of science and the insane beauty of everything. You’re going to need this.

It comes out on April 3 2018, and, afterwards, there will only be people who have read ORIGAMY and people who have not, and neither of them will be able to understand the other.

You can pre-order it direct from the publisher here, or through Amazon (UK) (US)

State Of The Connection

I neither like nor trust Facebook, but I’m using it again, partly to examine it once more, partly because I think they’ve probably won the current cycle of net-based communications. Most of my other messaging apps have become wastelands. Whether they call it a necessity or an addiction, 99% of people operate a FB account on some level. And now I do too.

Tried a new app the other day. It doesn’t work outside America, even if, like me, you have a US number that can receive the entry code as a text.

That US number I have, through an app called Holonumber, will stop working soon, as Holonumber is apparently no longer supported outside the US – can’t buy more credit.

Snapchat is irrelevant now, will be broken in a year and gone in three.

I’m back to using just one Slack channel, with six other people.

Signal has gone out of fashion (again), WhatsApp is basically the Facebook Phone Company, Instagram killed a bunch of things, Facebook is making a home videophone because that’s where we are again. Slack just went down, my local train service to London is going to stop working at 930pm every night til May and Joe Arpaio is running for US Senate.

Thanks for coming to my fucking TED talk

PS. Tinyletter is apparently going to be fine until 2019 earliest. And people are trying again to talk me into hosting a monthly event in London. I suspect I’m not quite in the mood in 2018.

Recent Quotes

Xefirotarch makes vampire architecture. The reasons for this go beyond the now well-known series of incidents at the group’s recent SF MoMA show, during which, over consecutive days in the spring of 2006, several children were left bleeding and traumatized by their encounters with the installation. Each claimed to have been “bitten” by its forms, but more likely the children had fallen upon one of its dangerous, fang-like angles, and left punctured by the sharp contours. One boy was hospitalized for nearly a week because of his injuries. The linear gash in his abdomen is now healing, but he remains adamant that the work lunged at him and not the other way around.

Dispute Plan to Prevent Future Luxury Constitution, Benjamin H. Bratton (UK) (US)

Cohen got up early and studied the market at home before being driven to the office by 8 A.M. by a bodyguard in a gray Maybach. He arrived to find a bowl of hot oatmeal wrapped in cellophane waiting on his desk. His station at the center of the trading floor resembled a cockpit, with twelve monitors mounted in front of him.

Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Street, Sheelah Kolhatkar (UK) (US)

‘We see the same stars, the sky is shared by all, the same world surrounds us. What does it matter what wisdom a person uses to seek for the truth?’

– The ‘pagan’ author Symmachus

The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World, Catherine Nixey  (UK) (US)

Reblog, Or: Little Radio Stations In The Night

On my newsletter last weekend, I wrote this:

Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to go full-bore blog again, like in the old days. Twitter’s only real use is as a notification system, after all, so you’d just pump out post links to it from your blog.  You know, the way people used to, when having a place for your own voice and your own thoughts was a good thing.

When I was in the swing of it, way back when, it was like the world’s most minimalist radio station. A Station Ident post to start the day, a Night Music or Closedown post at the end of the day, littered with whatever strangeness and wonder passed my screen in between.

I miss that long moment when the web seemed full of people doing the same thing, or thinking in public.  It happens in the Republic Of Newsletters, now. But it was nice to have all those little radio stations broadcasting in the night.

Yesterday, Reza Negarestani emerged with a website called Toy Philosophy, whose first post was entitled Returning to the Age of Blogging.

Now, my RSS feeds never went quiet.  I linked to a friend’s blog post the other day and he told me half the reason he posted it was to see if anyone was still using RSS!

I’ve seen the idea circulating for a while: come off the streams, own your own platform for your own voice and your own complete statements.  It seems like a reactionary step, from some angles. But maybe that great river, The Conversation, was, like every river followed to its source, a dead end. The resurgence of the Republic Of Newsletters may be one aspect of a return to the ocean, dotted with little pirate radio stations broadcasting through the night again.